Chubb Announcing IL Auto Rating Changes

Chubb Announcing Illinois Automobile Rating Changes

We are pleased to introduce some rating changes in the state of Illinois, which include new and revised discounts and surcharges summarized below. Illinois Homeowners new line business issued and effective December 8, 2014 and subsequent and policy renewals with effective dates of February 6, 2015 and subsequent will include these changes. Additionally, beginning December 8, 2014 and throughout the next renewal cycle, Chubb will roll out a set of revisions to the Illinois Masterpiece® Valuable Articles coverage. Together these changes assure that Chubb can continue to bring your clients the most innovative coverages available in the affluent personal insurance marketplace today, while also controlling costs. Ultimately, this allows Chubb to remain a responsible and stable market for the long term. Revised contract guides will be available on @chubb beginning the week of December 1, 2014. As always, please refer to the updated Rate and Rule and Contract Guide for the most complete discount, rating and coverage information. Illinois Automobile Rating Changes